DVD’s, Books and Bands

  • 18 Secrets to Coaching Club and High School


    The 18 Secrets is a must read for the junior coach!

    A 29-Page manual with the 18 hottest drills, tips and insights into the game!

    The Secrets include, motivation, communication, how to increase arm strength, jump training and drills designed to get your team to maximize their talent!

  • 3/16 Inch Surgical Tubing


    The most important thing you can own as a volleyball player is a 5-foot piece of 3/16 inch surgical tubing.

    Advanced and novice players need to use the tubing every day to strengthen and maintain the four small muscles that comprise the rotator cuff.

    Included with the surgical tubing are four detailed exercises showing you how to increase your ability to snap and hit balls!

    You will also receive a YouTube link that will demonstrate the four exercises. The exercises do not take long to learn, but you need to do these every time you play. Strong rotator cuffs are how we snap the ball.

    For advanced players, it is how we maintain our arms against the wear and tear that can lead to surgery.

  • Pat Powers Advanced Volleyball Tips and Techniques DVD


    An excellent 68 minute skills DVD for those who cannot attend a clinic!

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